PRESIDENT of Malaysia Tea Association 

TEA is ranked amongst the top three most revered beverages in the world. For centuries, tea has been gracing the tables on all occasions and bridging the gaps of all walks of life, especially in its country of origin, China, where tea drinking has long been upheld as an important cultural aspect.

In a broader perspective, the entire tea growing and trading process of the commodity has not only been beneficial to individuals and nations, but also to the world, socially, culturally, economically and even politically, over the span of thousands of years.

Through the hard work and determination of our predecessors, tea has since spread far and wide from China. It was with the same unwavering spirit and resolve of the overseas Chinese that we, their fellow descendants in Malaysia, get to share and reap the fruits of this wondrous commodity from our forefathers.

Driven by the revival of tea drinking culture, the twenty-first century foresees an upsurge of tea consumption, which in turn enables a steady growth of the commodity. Whilst global warming, raging pandemic and/or political instability in some tea-growing countries may have posed negative impact on total tea output, Malaysia still serves as an ideal tea stowing and trading point with our low import tariff policy and strategic geological location.

Malaysia has a unique blend of Chinese, Asian and Western tea-drinking cultures that delve deep into our tradition. While it is reflective of our multi-racial society, it also enables Malaysia to play a vital role in promoting tea trading on a global basis.

As we journey into more than 60 decades of establishment, it is most gratifying to see that our Association has progressed, flourished, and fuelled by the abundant wealth of experiences of our fellow members. So long we stay united in safeguarding the rights and benefits of our commodity and endorse fair trade, I am positive of a buoyant outlook for tea trading for years to come.

I am blessed to be able to follow in the footsteps of my late father, Liew Yin Beng, who co-founded the Association and served as the President for many terms. Having witnessed the hard labour of our predecessors, I cherish the Association with the highest esteem and vow hereby, to put all my effort towards the welfare of our Tea Association!



踏入21 世纪,饮茶风气回盛,茶界百家争鸣,世界茶叶消费量呈上升趋势。但是,气候生态异常、各种疫情肆虐、政经格局动荡等问题,又让茶业界面对了供求不稳定和茶叶价格飙升的难题。





仅以 “俯仰无愧天地,褒贬自有春秋” 共勉之。